Special Events

The Italian Market
A Night of Opera and Fun

Due to circumstances beyond our control this event is 

We’ll let you know when we reschedule.

FEBRUARY 6, 2020  – 6:00-9:30 pm

Here is your chance to enjoy live Opera in a casual setting. The price will be $100 dollars a person plus tax and gratuity

FEATURING:  Shouvik Mondle Baritone, Natali Conte Soprano, Andrew Fowler Tenor, Lynn Rose Guest Soprano, and Joann Kulesza Pianist

SETS:  First Set: Bel Canto Selections, Second Set: Selections from Macbeth, Third Set: Selections from La Traviata



MON-THU – 9:00am–9:30pm
FRI-SAT – 9:30am–10:30pm
SUN – 10:00am–9:30pm


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