Wine Tasting / Dinner

The Italian Market
MARCH 12, 2020  – 5:30-7:30  pm

In lieu of the dinner, we will hold a tasting of all the wines from L’Arco. The tasting will be free of charge and will start at 5:30 and go until 7:30 still on Thursday the 12th.

Unfortunately, we had to cancel the L’Arco wine dinner on the 12th.  The corona virus has prevented, the owner and winemaker, Luca from traveling to the United States.

The Lineup Will Be

Rosso Veronese – 50% corvina and corvinone, 30 % rondinella, 15% sangiovese, and 5% molinara – This is a typical blend from the Veneto with some sangiovese blended in. The sangiovese adds some darker fruit flavors along with a little tannin and acidity.

Ripasso – 50% corvina and corvinone, 40% rondinella, 10% molinara.  A Ripasso wine is probably the best example of a wine from the Veneto. It is bigger than a regular Valpolicella but still light enough to pair with a large selection of meals.

Amarone – 55% corvina and corvinone, 35% rondinella, 10% molinara.  This region is famous for this wine. Amarone is a big wine that is made by drying the grapes before pressing. This process makes very dense and flavorful wines. Luca trained under the man who is widely considered the best Amarone producer, Giuseppe Quintarelli. His wines show that pedigree.

Pario – Amarone blended with some of the Ripasso.

Rubeo – Amarone blended with the two cabernets.           

While his other wines are amazing these two show his true talent for winemaking. They are a blend of techniques and partial drying. There is no science for this. You can only decide to make the wine by checking on the drying fruit daily and let experience be the guide. Come by and find out for yourself. You may be tasting the next Cult Wine.


MON-THU – 9:00am–9:30pm
FRI-SAT – 9:30am–10:30pm
SUN – 10:00am–9:30pm



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