The Great Panettone and Bubble Sale

December 28-31, 2018

Buy any Panettone and a bottle of bubbles and receive 25% of both.

Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Sale $49.99 a btl
Massotina Prosecco
96 points Decanter
Ca Del Bosco Franciacorta
Probably the best sparkling wine you have ever heard of.
J. Lasalle  Preference
A true Grower Champagne.

Excludes wines that are already on sale.


Prosecco and Panettone Trifle

  1. You can use a bowl or a wine glass.
  2. Take slices of Panettone and layer them with fresh fruit or nuts.
  3. After every layer pore some of the Prosecco into the vessel.
  4. After three layers top with custard or vanilla pudding.
  5. Top with more fruit or nuts and a layer of whipped cream.


MON-THU – 9:00am–9:30pm
FRI-SAT – 9:30am–10:30pm
SUN – 10:00am–9:30pm


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