Winery of the Month – JUL 2015
Umberto Cesari

Umberto Cesari has always had fine wine in his blood. His father ran one of the most successful Osteria’s in Bologna. Instead of following in his fathers footsteps and selling great wine he decided that he would like to make great wine. So in the early 60’s he followed his dream and bought a 20 hectare vineyard in the hills of Castel San Pietro Terme.

SUN-SAT – 10:00am–9:00pm


Today he has expanded his vineyard area to 170 hectares and six Podere’s or farms on which it grows grapes: Liano, Tauleto, Ca’Grande, Laurento, Parolino, and his first Casetta, but kept his same focus of turning local varieties from Emilia Romagna into world renown wine. The winery’s main focus is on Sangiovese but produce several other local varieties: Albana, Pignoletto, Trebbiano. There are several international varieties that are planted and used for blending purposes. Pick up one of the top producers from Emilia Romagna.

Albana di Romagna

This wine is produced from the grape Albana. Its origins are a little hazy but dates back to Roman times. Albana di Romagna can come in four styles: secco, amabile, dolce and spumante. This version is the secco or dry style. The wine displays peach and apricot fruits with a light kiss of honey. There are also some almond notes running around and a little hint of vanilla. All in all this is a great example of Albana.

Sangiovese Reserva

Sangiovese is the main grape in Chianti and most of Tuscany, but it is grown in Emilia Romagna as well. Umberto Cesari has made his name by making high quality Sangiovese in Emilia Romagna. This wine has big bright cherry and black berry fruit flavors to go with violet accents, a medium body, light tannins, and a slight oak influence. This is one of the best quality to price wines we carry.


Liano is a single vineyard offering that is a blend of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon. Rich blue and black berry on top of a backbone of cedar spice, vanilla, and chocolate. Liano is fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel and aged in French Oak barrels. We cannot always carry this wine as it is made in small quantities, we are talking only a few thousand cases.


Tauleto is another single vineyard offering that is produced in excruciatingly low amounts. Tauleto is comprised of solely Sangiovese that have ripened perfectly and then air dryed for a couple of days. It is then fermented and aged in a blend of French and American Oak. This is not a simple wine to describe. At varying times you will notice red and black berry fruit alongside some ripe plums. There are spicy vanilla notes from the French oak and hints of coconut from the American oak. The tannins are present but not overwhelming adding some more depth to the wine. Allow it to breathe for at least 30 minutes before drinking.

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