Winery of the Month – MAY 2016

In 1936 Gerardo Cesari founded a winery to show that wines from the Veneto could rival the great wines from anywhere in the world. His wines have since become synonymous with Valpolicella and Amarone. He was the first Veneto producer to reach all 5 continents. This success can be seen today with the associated sales volume and the lofty scores that the wine commands.

SUN-SAT – 10:00am–9:00pm


The Cesari Winery owns 100 hectares of prime hillside vineyards along with managing another 10 hectares. Organic and sustainable farming practices are the order of the day as they want the vineyards to remain healthy well into the future. All vineyards are planted to local and indigenous varieties with a smattering of international varieties thrown in. While Gerardo Cesari makes many wines we have chosen four that we think show the variation and quality that can be had in the Veneto and especially at Cesari. We are not just trying to sell the wine as I happen to be drinking one as I write this. I know, it is a tough job.

Cesari Lugana

Lugana is a white wine only appellation that sits on the south east corner of Lake Garda. The region is relatively small with only 600 HA allowed to be called Lugana. The wine itself is medium bodied with a nice balance between acid and fruit. You can expect to taste fresh green apple and peach flavors along with hints of white flowers. The main grape is Turbiana.
Regularly $22.99 Sale $18.99

Cesari Valopolicella

Here is a great wine for pizza and tomato based sauces. A medium bodied red with bright cherry and red berry fruit on top of dried herbs and some licorice. This wine is made from 75% Corvina and 25% Rondinella and is designed to be consumed early and needs no decanting.
Regularly $18.99 Sale $14.99

Cesari Amarone

This is probably the most famous style of wine from the Veneto. The Amarone relies on the process for the resulting flavors as much as the quality of the grapes. Here is the appassiemento process. This means that the wines are air dried on straw mats for around 3 months. This process slowly drains the moisture form the grapes which concentrates thee flavors. This wine is complex and dense. You will come across flavors of red and black cherry, plum, prune, raisin, as well as other dark fruits with vanilla and other baking spices. Amarone is hard to explain but a delight to drink.
Regularly $61.99 Sale $46.99
Half Bottles Regularly $34.99 Sale $27.99

Cesari Mara Valpolicella Ripasso

Ripasso is one of Veneto’s most famous styles. The wine is made like a standard Valpolicella, but there is an added step. After the initial fermentation the wine is passed over the remaining skins and residue of Amarone. This process adds notes of plum and dried fruits to go along with bright cherry.
Regularly $24.99 Sale $19.99

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