Winery of the Month – AUG 2017

This month takes us to the far north-east of Italy in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. From here come what are considered the best white wines from Italy and some interesting reds. The main white varietal is Friulano which used to be called Tokai Friulano but the Tokai was dropped so as not to confuse it with the Hungarian wine region of the same name.

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There are also some other indigenous white varietals and some well-known international varietals as well.  What they all have in common is style.  Clean and crisp with great fruit and mineral complexity and little or no oak.  The reds from the area come from Cabernet, Merlot, Refosco, Schopettino, and Pignolo to name a few.  They can be varietally labeled or as blends.  Most of the Cab and Merlot are made in an International style while the local grapes are generally light, crisp, and refreshing.

So, way back in 1939 Antonio Colutta bought a country house in Manzano with a vineyard attached.  This was in the days of the Mezzadria, a share cropping system, so production was small and consumed locally.  In 1968 his two sons decided that they wanted to expand distribution.  They started with Fiulano and Merlot.  The wines were acclaimed nationally and found their way onto wine lists of Italy’s best restaurants.  In 1998 Giorgi took over and really pushed the boundaries.  He was able to open International markets when very few people outside of Italy had heard of Friuli.  Today, while it is still not very widely known, Colutta has achieved a level of success for its white wines and indigenous reds.

Colutta Sauvignon

Here is a great example of Friuli.  Steely and bright with flint and fruit on the nose.  Grapefruit and stone fruit flavors come out on the palate with more flint and a good deal of acidity.  Bright, focused, and refreshing, this is wine from Friuli.
Regularly $18.99    Sale $14.99

Colutta Pinot Grigio

When people think of Italian white wines Pinot Grigio is the first if not only varietal they think of and Pinot from Friuli is considered the best in the country.  Pear and lemon dominate but with light floral and herb undercurrents.
Regularly  $13.99    Sale  $10.99

Colutta Refosco

I know it seems that I am always trying to get you to drink these of the wall varieties that no one has ever heard of, well I am.  Refosco can be great in the summer with light tannins and blackberry and plum flavors.  Try it with some meat done over a fire, you will thank me.
Regularly  $18.99   Sale  $14.99

Colutta Cabernet Franc

This wine shows what Friuli can do with International varieties.  A medium to heavy body with enough tannic structure to balance the red berry fruit.  As with all Cab Franc there is a light herbal and vegetal streak integrated into the wine.  As with all Friulian wines it has a certain lightness of character.
Regularly  $18.99   Sale  $14.99

Giorgio Colutta will be in the store on Wed Aug 2nd from 5 until 7:30, so come in and taste the wines and hear a little bit about Friuli.

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