Winery of the Month – JUN 2017

What is a Prosecco? Well, it used to be a grape and a sparkling wine; now it is an area in the Veneto region of Italy.  Confused?  Let’s see if we can help.  There is a town in the suburbs of Trieste that is called Prosecco.  Around this town there is a grape variety called Glera that has been cultivated since Roman times.  The first Sparkling version was introduced by Carpene Malvotti in 1868.  In the early 2000’s a DOC and DOCG were created to delineate the production areas. 

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In 2010, the Italian Government outlawed the use of Prosecco as the name of a grape variety.  Today Prosecco is a protected region of production in the Veneto.  It is made with at least 85% of the Glera grape and the wine can be fully sparkling (Spumante), partially sparkling (Frizzante), or still (Tranquilo).

Generally, you will run into the sparkling versions, with the Spumante the most prevalent.  The wines are produced using the Charmat-Martinotti Method.  Here the bubbles are produced with a secondary fermentation done in a sealed tank.  The wine is then filtered and transferred to bottle.  There are a couple of sub-zones to prosecco with only the Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiadene Superiore DOCG being worth note.  Here they are allowed to use Metodo Classico (the Champagne Method, secondary fermentation in bottle) for production of bubbles.  At the moment, there is only one subzone of note, Superiore di Cartizze.  This is considered the best prosecco area.  The amounts are tiny as there are only 100 hectares of vineyards on the hill of Cartizze.

Jeio Prosecco DOC

The Jeio line is made by The Bisol Family.  The Bisols have been in the wine business at least since the 1500’s.  The Jeio brut is a great introduction to Prosecco.  Light with lovely citrus fruit flavors.
Regularly $15.99   Sale $11.99

Jeio Rose

While not technically a prosecco because it is made from Merlot and Pinot we thought it would be a fun one to include.  This is a versatile wine that can work with anti-pasta picnics or grilled ribs.  Floral notes of roses overtop bright red berries.
Regularly $15.99   Sale $11.99

Bisol Crede Valdobbiadene Prosecco

Crede is a marine sandstone subsoil that is common to this area.  This soil produces wines that are a little richer and fuller than other Proseccos.  The wine displays a heavier body than you might expect with white floral aromas and pear and apple flavors.
Regularly $23.99   Sale $17.99

Bisol Superiore di Cartizze

Well here we have the “Grand Cru” of Prosecco.  The wine is lighter than the Crede with the elegance and refinement of high elevation vineyards.  Aromas of white flowers and honeysuckle with flavors of pears and peaches.
Regularly $44.99   Sale $33.99

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