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Winery of the Month – AUGUST 2019
Schreckbichl Colterenzio Winery

Schreckbichl Colterenzio is located in the town of Cornaiano, which derives its name from the Latin cornelianum or the estate of Cornelius.  Cornelius was a Roman settler who started a wine property here in 15 B.C.E..  In 1960, when 28 vintners got together to form a collective, Colterenzio was born.  Over the years many other growers have joined which brings the total today to 300 with around 300 hectares under vine.  The vineyards are placed in the best areas of Alto Adige with all of the vineyards between 750 and 1700 feet above sea level.  Today the members use sustainable farming practices including cover crops, only organic compost, and careful pruning to name a few.  The vineyards are not the only place where this commitment to the environment takes place.  The winery now produces 55% of the energy that it consumes and 70% of the hot water they use.

The grapes are handpicked and delivered to the winery in small baskets.  The grapes are destemmed and then sent to different areas of the winery depending on their color.  The entire winery is gravity fed which means that every step in the winemaking process is directly below the last.  This lowers the costs of production but really allows for more control over the resulting product by cutting out all the machine pumping.  During most of the fermentation process, the wine is kept under nitrogen to preserve the aromatic flavors and prevent early spoilage.  All of this together produces some wonderful wines.

Pinot Grigio

This is a classic Pinot, medium to light bodied with crisp acidity, which displays peach and honeydew melon flavors.  The wine pairs well with salads and lightly prepared fish.
Regularly $19.99    Sale $14.99


Here is a great example of what Chardonnay can do outside of Burgundy and California.  Medium weight with tons of apple and tropical fruit flavors.  A light creamy texture from the lees aging and a refreshing acidity cleans everything up.  This chard goes well with fish on citrus or butter sauces as well as vegetable or seafood risotto.
Regularly $19.99   Sale $14.99

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is another Burgundian grape transplanted to Alto Adige.  A light bodied red wine that produces flavors of currants and red berries.  There is a light baking spice note that adds some complexity to the wine.  It pairs well with white meat dishes and especially well with mushroom risotto.
Regularly $22.99   Sale $17.99


This wine is all Alto Adige.  The grape is Schiava which is known locally as Vernatsch and in Germany as Trollinger.  It produces fresh light bodied red wines with red berry flavors, good acidity, and maybe a little rose water.  All and all a very interesting red that should be more popular, especially in the summer.
Regularly $15.99  Sale $11.99

SUN-SAT – 10:00am–9:00pm


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