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I’ve been reflecting on how great an influence the women in my life have had on my growth as a person and  as a wine merchant. I am a triplet with two sisters, and we shared everything (sometimes begrudgingly).  But  today I still feel the raw excitement to share a new wine discovery with everyone. I am privileged to work with so many talented women in this business, with the best sales reps, and distributors in my corner, finding me incredible wines.  And of course, the Lubrano Ladies that make the Market a home for me, and a place for the community to share new experiences daily.  Happy Women’s History Month.

Women in the wine world are carving a path that’s irrefutable.  And in Italy it is no exception. The old  expectation that a winery or vineyard would be passed down the the oldest son is no more. Instead, it is to  those most eager to continue the legacy.

And younger generations of women are at the forefront. Two such women are Elena Walch from Alto Adige,  and Giovanna Ciacci of Tuscany.

Elena and her daughters are fifth generation winemakers, encouraging quality and innovation. Elena married  into the Walch family and brought with her modern concepts to the traditional establishment. And her  adaptability makes her one of the leading producers in the Alto Adige.

Tenuta di Collosorbo was started in 1995 by Giovanna Ciacci from the division of her family’s estate, Tenuta  di Sesta, which was founded in 1850. Giovanna and her two daughters run the winery, maintaining the family  crest as a tie to the

Elena Walch Pinot Bianco

I love this wine. Fresh apple and soft peach notes with a touch of chamomile. LIvely acidity keeps this wine fresh and light on the palate. A perfect apertif wine.
13% ABV     

Collosorbo Le Due Gemme

A blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet, Merlot, and Syrah. This is my go to everyday Tuscan blend.  Fresh, fruity, and the Italian and French varietals blend seamlessly.
14.5% ABV     $20.99

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Good wine is not an
optical pleasure, it is an
inward emotion
-Henry James

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