A Tasting Tour of Italy

Southern Italy

A Tasting Tour Of Italy – Southern Italy

We here at the Italian Market thought that it would be fun to create a mixed case of wine from lesser known Italian regions and grapes.

We are going to price this with a 30% discount to what you would normally pay, you will also receive a complimentary Italian Market Wine Bag.

At the bottom of the page will be a recipe to try. 

Regions of Southern Italy

Taste Your Way Through Italy #2

For our second guided tasting of Italy we have chosen southern Italy to explore. The first wine comes to us from Campania and the Mastroberardino Family’s Terradora winery. The Mastroberardino family virtually started the Campania wine region and saved many of the local grapes that have some renown todays. Greco is one of those grapes. The grape is made into wine in several regions of Southern Italy but the wine we will try will be from the DOCG of Greco di Tufo. Here you will notice a heavy bodied white wine with vibrant stone and citrus flavors.

Staying in Campania we will head a bit east to the region of Taburno and the Ocone Winery. Here we come across the Coda di Volpe Grape. If you have never heard of it don’t worry no one has outside of Campania and us here at The Italian Market, of course. The winery is certified organic and nothing is added in the wine making process. Ocone’s Coda shows lovely candied stone fruit flavors along with a light floral nose. There is a slight limestone minerality along the medium body.

Next we are going deep into the heel of the boot, around the city of Lecce. The Negroamaro grape has been in Italy for at least 1500 years and produces big rich fruit forward reds. The Stella Negroamaro is a wonderful example of this grape. Here you will comes across ripe blackberry and cherry flavors along with some spice and pepper notes.

A short boat trip takes to the island of Sicily. Here we find the Nero d’Avola grape. Wines made from this grape tend to rich ripe flavors with big soft tannins not unlike Australian Shiraz. The Principi di Buteri Iperion is a blend of Principally Nero d’Avola with some Cabernet and Merlot blended in. This wine is almost a textbook example of what to expect from Nero, big rich dark fruit and plum flavors on top of a rich and almost sweet seeming body.

Jumping back into the boat and heading north to the island of Sardinia. Sardinia is great for wine grape growing with is sunny Mediterranean climate, volcanic soils and cooling sea breezes. Here we find the Co-Operative winery of Sardus Pater. This winery specializes in making wines from the Carignano grape (Carignan if France). This wine displays rich plum and cherry flavors with a subtle pepper spice. A medium plus bodied wine with a touch of vanilla from 10 months in oak barrels.

Going back to the mainland and just south of where we started we come to Basilicata and the Aglianico grape. This grape thrives on volcanic soils of which Basilicata has in abundance. The D’Angelo family has been in the area and associated with Aglianico for more than a century. Aglianico wines have true power and grace and the Sacra Vite is no exception. Dark berry fruits with some rich cherry flavors are in the forefront with a bit of tobacco and cedar in the background.

All of this can be yours for $111.25

Casereccia Matriciana

Ingredients: 2 Tbl sp Extra virgin Olive Oil, 1 glove fresh garlic, 1lb. Casereccia Pasta, 1/4 lb. Pancetta, 1 shallot, White wine, 3 dried Calabrese Peppers, Italian Market Marinara Sauce, Parmigiano Reggiano

Heat skillet and add Extra Virgin Olive Oil, shallot, and fresh garlic.  Let cook slightly and then add cubed Pancetta.  Allow the pancetta to cook and render out all of the fat.  Then deglaze the pan by adding 1/2 cup of Coda di Volpe white wine.  Add chopped Calabrese Pepper.  After a few minutes when wine is cooked off add Italian Market marinara sauce. Bring sauce to boil and add cooked pasta.  Toss pasta while pan is still on heat and add  grated Parmigiano Reggiano.  Plate and Serve with any of these great wines offered from our Southern Tasting Bag!  Buon Appetito.



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