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2015 OCT – Donnafugata

The name Donnafugata translates to “woman in flight” and has an interesting story behind it. In the early 1800’s when Napoleon was arriving in Naples the Queen Maria Carolina fled to Sicily. She stayed with the Prince of Salina at his country manor. This estate was then given the Name Donnafugata in Tomasi di Lampedusa’s novel Il Gattopardo.

2015 SEP – Ca Maiol

In 1967 the Contato family started a winery with 12 hectares of land near Lake Garda in the heart of the Lugana DOC. This region has been producing wines since Roman times. As a matter of fact the remains of fabulous roman villa have been found and are believed to be the residence of Catullus, a famous roman poet,

2015 AUG – Masi Agricola

Masi Agricola is named after the valley and town in the southwest corner of the Veneto Region. The Boscaini family has owned and operated this winery since the late 1700’s. Here they started to master the ancient art of Appasimento, or the process of air-drying grapes to make Amarone.

2015 JUL – Umberto Cesari

Umberto Cesari has always had fine wine in his blood. His father ran one of the most successful Osteria’s in Bologna. Instead of following in his fathers footsteps and selling great wine he decided that he would like to make great wine. So in the early 60’s he followed his dream and bought a 20 hectare vineyard in the hills of Castel San Pietro Terme.

2015 JUN – Luca Ferraris

In the mid 19th century Luca Ferraris’s grandfather immigrated to America to strike it rich in the gold rush. While he didn’t strike it rich he was able to find some gold and sent the money back to his wife. In 1921 she bought the house in Via al Castello which, until recently, housed the Ferraris Winery.

2015 MAY – Schrekbichl Colterenzio

Schreckbichl Colterenzio is located in the town of Cornaiano, which derives its name from the Latin cornelianum or the estate of Cornelius. Cornelius was a Roman settler who started a wine property here in 15 B.C.E.. In 1960, when 28 vintners got together to form a collective, Colterenzio was born.

2015 APR – Villa Calcinala

The Villa Calcinaia has been home to the Cappone family since 1524. Today Sebastiano Cappone maintains the estate as the first member of the Family to personally oversee the agricultural pursuits of the Villa. Prior to this the vineyards and olive groves were part of the mezzadria and share cropping systems that characterized Tuscany until the late 70’s. Because of his management there has been an appreciable increase in quality


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