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Collectors Wine Spotlight

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2019 Canalicchio Di Sopra Brunello
2019 Canalicchio Di Sopra Vigna La Casaccia
2019 Canalicchio Di Sopra Vigna Montosoli
2019 was an incredible vintage, some are claiming to have produced some the the finest Brunello in over a decade. Canalicchio is one of my favorite Brunello producers, and for good reason! These wines are some of the best expressions of Sangiovese your are likely to haven and will age gracefully for many, many years. These are a must have if you are an Italian wine collector and enthusiast.

Winemaker notes:


Referring to 2019 as one of the best vintages in recent decades, counting this vintage among the greatest in the Montalcino territory, we believe that this wouldn’t be a stretch, or even a misjudgment.

The 2019 vintage, from our point of view, respects those canons of “Elegant Power” which only vintages with great balance are able to give, raising the bar of balance and bringing with it a lot of everything: from perfect phenolic maturation which brings out the “Power” to the extraordinary technological maturation, which, thanks to the continuity of the optimal acid profile, accentuates the “Elegance“. Perpetually poised between showing its muscles and its grace, aspects which differ so much but also magically complement one other in a great wine that is meant to age for a long time, the 2019 surprises for its harmony and balance, which only great vintages are able to achieve.



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