Pasta Producers

We here at The Italian market take our pasta seriously so we choose some of the best pasta we can find for you. Below you will find a description of each producer. We stock a wide variety of different and unique cuts from each of these great producers.

Cav Giuseppe Cocco

The Cocco family has been making pasta since 1914. The secrets for great pasta have been in the family for generations. The old pasta masters used to say that you needed four ingredients for great pasta; mountain grown wheat, great water, perfect drying conditions, and the proper techniques. Cav Giuseppe Cocco pasta has all of these including Bronze cutting dyes which produce the rough pasta that holds the sauce better.


Set in the spectacular oasis of the Majella National Park, Delverde has been synonymous with natural products of the highest quality since 1967, when the company began production drawing on the rich local pasta-making traditions of the Abruzzo region. Today, forty years later, Delverde is a company in tune with the times, with a large selection of products that are sold worldwide. While our facilities now enjoy state-of-the-art technology, at Delverde we still make our pasta like in the old days, extruding it through a bronze die and letting it slow-dry, benefitting from the pure air of our unspoilt natural surroundings, providing the unmistakable backdrop to our factory since its inception.

Cara Nonna

Cara Nonna comes to us from the Apulia region. Fresh Durum Wheat, slow low temperature drying and bronze molds to give it the perfect rough texture, all of this produces a great pasta. While this company has only been around for several years they still make Pasta in the traditional methods that your grandmothers would have used.


Farabella pasta is made by the Bioalimenta company. Bioalimenta resides in the Majella National Park inside of the Abruzzo. The company was started in 2002 making different health food and it wasn’t until 2004 that they started the gluten free farabella line.

Sam Mills

This is another gluten free pasta producer. They started in 1994 as a company to mill corn. After becoming the leader of the Romanian corn milling market they started to make gluten free products. These products are now sold in over 50 countries


De Cecco has been making pasta since the late 1800’s. They invented the process of low temperature drying which allowed pasta to be dried regardless of weather conditions. They use only the finest Durum wheat. They have their own mountain spring water source as well as bronze drawing plates. The long drying process that they invented. All of this together explains why they are known throughout the world for their quality pasta.


Leonardo Mastrmauro started Riscossa in 1902 in the Apuglia region. In the fifties the company really took off, increasing production from 3 tons a day to 30 tons a day. Today the company uses non-GMO Durum Wheat from all over the world in the production of their pasta.


Divella pasta was started in 1890 when Francesco Divella built the first mill in Rutigliano, Puglia. Today production has increased from 1000 Kg a day when it first started to 900 tons of pasta today while still sing as much of the old traditions as possible.

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